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I’m wound tight

July 19, 2012

The Rusted Alpaca

Wow!! I am soooo new to this format.  Although I have been enjoying the blogs of other crafters, doer’s and general life activator’s I had yet to offer up my own commentary.  But during the current retrograde cycle I decided that the time had come to stick my feet to the flame and begin crafting my own site to coorelate with the Etsy shop I have recently opened that is also named the Half Knitted Pine.

This is a project, an activity, a way to keep my fingers busy.  I am almost 37 and currently just graduated from college with my Bachelor’s.  I am job searching, soul searching, and actively thinking.  My way to function sensibly through an environment that is a bit shaky and unsure right now is to create.  I am knitting like a mad woman.  Indigo gauntlets, hand dyed thick and thin cowls, I am weaving forest themes through my fingers that feel comforting to my uneasy mind.

This is my way to forge ahead.  I need to be doing something with my hands, and I need to create what I think is beautiful.

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