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Chunky Knitted Chowder Librarian Cowls

July 24, 2012

I have finished two cowls to put in the Etsy shop, I hope cold weather comes on strong and quick in September, this heat is blazing the toes right of my feet.  I’m naming all of the hand made items in shop to coorelate with names of towns on Highway 61 which goes from here to St. Louis.  It is the road that Nick and I have taken between Missouri and Iowa for as long as he’s been down there.  From Fort Leonard Wood it takes roughly eight hours to get back home, most of the driving always seems to be Missouri.  From Fort Leonard Wood to Hannibal is four hours and then it’s another two till Keokuk (named after Chief Keokuk) and then if you stay on 61 it sort of forces you to meander through a dozen or so towns until you hit the Quad Cities and finish the remaining hour on the highway.  Nick had started taking a different way that winds through Iowa City to Interstate 80 and it seems like it should go faster but on the last trip I found that I really missed some of the meandering so there I was marking my time, first Fort Madison, then Burlington, then Muscatine, then Wapello and Mediapolis, and on and on until finally the last stretch and we can pull in front of our little Dutch Colonial and breathe a sigh of relief.



We have been back in Iowa full time for a little over a month, and I had overlooked a few hiccups.  Mainly this problem of not having a job as of yet.  I have been scouring the want ads, going through the internet with a fine tooth comb until I’m about ready to write my own manifesto and then the idea of graduate school came about.  Mostly because I have always thought that working in a library would be ideal I had started to search specifically for library jobs but most of them were only interested in you if you held a Master’s in Library Science.  Well, nothing’s impossible, and so I began actively seeking an accredited program.

This is a phenomenal breakthrough for me.  I think I had never in my life thought of myself as being one thing.  Oh wait, except for being a farmer, that was my career dream starting in middle school, but once that idea was lost I never could see myself as Heather Paralegal, or Heather Nurse Practitioner, or some other job with a title. I just had wanted to find something vague that didn’t have a name.  I always felt bad, you know, everyone wants a clearly defined identity, but I never could do it.  For creeps sake my undergraduate is in English and writing, who the hell knows what that qualifies me for, but I could be a Librarian, and I could spend the majority of my life around other people who are librarians, easy.  So that’s it, then, this is what I work for, this is the title I want.

Knitting allows me valuable thinking time, inbetween scouring the internet for a job, that is.

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