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Sleep in your own bed already!!

August 14, 2012

The Professors Cowl

Beginning last week I started giving my two year old a bed time along with kickin her out of my bed.  This has been excrutiating on me.  I know that co-sleeping is really controversial – there’s problems with SIDS or rolling over on the child or any other random night time dangers, but for us it was magic.  When it came to getting a full nights sleep and also feeding a baby that wanted to eat every three hours for the better part of a year it was clearly the only functional solution.  I cut the nursing out at a year but her cute little self was still buttering herself up right between the husband and I with a darling little smile and cute baby babble that made us laugh in the dark.  We enjoyed having her along as much as she felt it was her rightful place.

That is until last week.  My oldest two in all of their grown up wisdom are well trained when it comes to bedtimes.  They are the product of several years of maniac scheduling that required they be in bed as early as seven and sometimes awake at four or five.  They are well acquainted to the bitterness of false light in the morning when the rest of the world is dark, daycare could never open soon enough for me, sometimes I used to get called to work at three or four in morning for snow removal.  But not this little one, she has known nothing but her own schedule, which is why I think this transition is rough for me.  I now have to introduce her to her first schedule, but, ultimately, I need her to be on one.

Seriously, a toddler up at midnight is no fun for anyone.  Laying on the couch in the dark while you try to finish up what you couldn’t during the daylight hours she lays there and wants to still have The Cat in the Hat on, or she wants to read the Berenstein Bears ‘Ghost of the Forest’ just one more time (even though you have already read it five times during the day) and she wants to throw all of her bathtub toys in while you try to take in some alone time.  She’s absolutely adorable, she’s a light, she’s magical, but she’s a whirlwind who needs a regular bedtime and her own bed, and enforcing this is tough.  So far we’ve skipped afternoon naps so she’ll be more tired at night and forced the Beagle to become her ultimate protector just until she falls into deep sleep.  It’s sort of working.  She is still waking up in the middle of the night and crawling into my bed, but thats fine, she’s getting the drift.

I’m still working on my thigh hi’s, but the thing about socks is that you have make two.  Once you have the first one done you can’t revel in a sense of accomplishment, that will come when the second one is done.  So I’m on the second one; enjoying it one stitch at a time.Image

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