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Panicked Learning

August 21, 2012

There, I finished them.  It was excrutiating.  At least the last, like, few toes seemed to take a painfully long time.  But there they are, a functional pair of really long socks.  This is probably pair number four or five that I have made this long, and I love em’.  Whether I’m wearing them with garter belts under jeans for extra warmth in the winter or pulling them up over leggings to go with boots they have ended up being a staple for me.  But I’m putting the needles down for a bit to focus on this thing I am now pursuing full time, that master’s degree thing.

I’m doing all of it online which adds a level of anxiety that I can’t share with someone face to face.  I’m finding that I have an online panic language that some folks over at NCCU have now experienced.  It’s laced with lots of exclamation points and apologies with further thank you’s and probably in the end I’m not easy to understand and they might just be wondering why they accepted me in the first place.  See, I had to register for classes online and not really knowing exactly what I was doing I ended up with three classes that were advanced information system programming.  When I went to look at the syllabus for these classes I was worried.  It was strung with jargon I had never heard before, and so off I went, firing away panicked e-mails to advisors, directors, whomever would listen.  Then I sacked the baby in the stroller and walked down to the riverfront to the coffee shop where I proceeded to purchase three shots of espresso in very little milk and then stopped at the playground where I got on the merry go round with said baby and wondered why I felt ill when it finally stopped.  Sometimes I’m slow to pick up on things.

But it’s all settled now, I think.  I need to have a microphone so I can talk into the computer and theoretically interact virtually with the rest of the class and because of my panicked state of mind I already ordered the three textbooks for the programming classes and then ordered another round for the new more reasonable classes.  By the end of the week I’ll know more (insert emoticon 😉 or 😦 not sure yet).

Apples are being picked at the orchard that is down the way from us and thats a fantastic sign in life.  I made a caramel apple pie and I think I let the kids have like a third of it.

ImageIt was really good, I learned that much this week.  I can’t imagine life without apples.  I once read something by a woman who had come from the midwest and had moved to Mexico and she lamented at length about the absence of apples in her life while living so far south.  I really have no need to live life far from an apple tree nor do I want to live where the temperature is so warm the lilacs won’t bloom.  Just some things I’ve come to figure out in life.  And I should never douse my brain with espresso and get on a merry go round.

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