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October 25, 2012







The weather is going to drop nearly 30 degrees today.  Its a really strange coupling: humidity and combines still working out in fields.  But it fed my imagination as I had recently acquired a copy of a small pamphlet about the Maquoketa Caves, which described how the caves had formed, and more importantly that limestone is actually an accumulation of shells and such from an ancient sea bed when the area that is now Iowa sat closer to the equator, before the continental drift.  At that time Iowa would have been at the bottom of a sea.  Anyways, I had some time today to get out my sewing machine and re-work some clothes.

I like the movie Pretty in Pink not because of the killer record store that Andie Walsh works in, or Duckie, or even the working class vs. preppie rich kid dynamic, nope I fell in love with the movie when I was younger because Andie Walsh crafted her own prom dress – and it was killer! Or at least I thought, this was the 80’s when lace gloves and all things flower print were sort of the rage.  My first forays into sewing were with a single needle and thread where I made Barbie clothes that fit my aesthetic, I cut my Barbie’s hair, colored it blue and gave them a more fitting new wave wardrobe that I liked better than the conformist mattel packaged items.  But I moved on.  I loved high school home ec. where I picked out a pattern went to the fabric store and found my own material and mastered the art of winding a bobbin.  And through the years I have made it a point to find something I like, some fabric, some pattern and throw together some darts, pockets, and seams that have to be folded and ironed (the single reason I keep an ironing board) and practice the art of home ec.

These days I’m more Andie Walsh, cutting and pasting clothes I already have or taking things the kids and I don’t wear anymore and making simple tights and shirts for the bitsy (my baby Vi).  My deficiency in math is most annoying in this regard, sewing and even knitting tends to be a lot of measurements when it comes to fitting particular bodies and because of this I find that stretchy fabric suits me best.  I’ll save the master tailor work for true professionals.  When I get working I can go through two or three spools of thread in an afternoon, experimenting and patching different things together.  As I have been doing this afternoon as the wind picked up and the storms found their way onto our ancient sea bed.

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