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The Nature of Violence

December 15, 2012


I understand that violence is part of the planet.  Even the idea of a big bang is, in itself, a violent action that thrust movement forward.  Through history violence has led to new frontiers and without violence I wouldn’t be here.  Whether the act of defending oneself or others or the more malicious option of inflicting upon others, violence is inescapable.  And, likely, there has always been a part of me that is violent as well.    I  couldn’t fight and that was always apparent; I was horribly uncoordinated and never have had dreams of putting my fist in someone’s nose, even when I felt betrayed.  This is why guns have always made for an unfair fight, they become the weak fist that cannot punch.

Clearly the actions in Connecticut need to motivate people to further look into violence.  If we are still working  on neanderthal survival mechanisms, then how can killing our young make sense in the primal brain? We don’t sacrifice people anymore so that the corn gods will give us a good harvest, and we don’t have children at thirteen because we live much longer.  Societies progress according to what the needs of the people are – and the amount of unfair fights made slaughters by use of sophisticated weapons has seemed to double and triple despite the disgust of society.  

I would never assume that violence will be become unnecessary for human beings, it will be.  And there will always be those that live much closer to the lines of aggression than others.  It’s good as people to discuss this nature in ourselves, the shadow self; we can come closer to being honest and then it won’t be so hard to find solutions.  I’m not pushing for a peaceful utopia but I do want response and action when the crime is as horrible as it has been.  I want a discussion about the solutions to these crimes, I want people to put options on the table,but most of all I just want it to never happen ever again. Our children are our heart and soul and losing one is the end.

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