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Hey, I’m Heather and this is like a conversation that we can have once a week.  I have several obligations, namely in the form of three offspring, two of them are almost self sufficient and one is a very joyful two year old.  Heat turns my stomach, too much wind and cold burns my skin and scares me.  I’m mechanically disinclined and really confused by the inner workings of a furnace but I really appreciate the skilled labor that helps me make things work.  I find happiness in hand made and it has been a great way for me to let the small bits of an artist still left inside of me breathe and thrive for moments at a time.  I learned to knit from my mother, mainly, who is whip smart and good at what she does.  I have a working background in gardening and I love growing stuff – there’s nothing like an apple right off of the tree or a tomatoe right off the vine.   Sustainability is what I’m after, in all aspects, even the mechanical ones.

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